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Valubable skills

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Game-based courses on important topics Game-based courses on important topics Game-based courses on important topics
Average score from children and their parents
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It was not a love from the first sight. But step by step my 10 years old son really got involved. Hard to believe, but I noticed that he spent more time on EdCraft, than on YouTube last week! Certainly, a good value for money! Well done, guys!



Thanks for all your work, EdCraft. We really enjoyed the logic course! The puzzles in the course were very challenging but really rewarding. Even my husband (he is a banker) was involved! Great that you have other course we can get involved in!



I'm about finance man and I was searching for money management tools for my elder son, he is 11 yo. I suppose that understanding the value of money and how hard is it to earn is extremely important. You have to be able to appreciate other people and their achievements. ...
Last week I saw edcrafts ad on Facebook, so I requested a demo of their financial game. We tried personal budget topic right from iphone with

Paul Davis


Samantha liked logic course. She was completely ready to save Maries dog from snatchers hands and solved all the puzzles. Ethan helped her twice, though. Ethan himself later said that emotion course was meant for girls like his sister, and he was interested in "managing more pocket money" instead.
I am trying to teach kids from an early age, they do even have their bank accounts, but they don't manage them yet.

Carrillo Mark


Met Edcraft on Facebook. The message was a bit aggressive and candid, so I decided to look deeper. I’ve never seen sex education courses for kids before. My oldest daughter is 10 yo, and I has already been asking tricky questions
a couple of times. I suppose it’s a high time to talk to her seriously about sex.
I’m going to offer her that course and see how she reacts.

Alessandra Marissa


I've preordered financial literacy. Hope they will launch full course i
n February as promised.
I'm fond of Kiyosaki ideas. It's a pity I got to know him too late.
When I was a student I took a lot of loans and only many years later I realized that these decisions were ineffective.

Makenna Breanna


Diverse motivation system

During lessons, children earn internal currency that they can spend it however they want: on EdCraft courses, coloring books, and even cartoons.

Complete lessons

By completing interactive
tasks, children earn internal
currency - edcoins

Earn coins

Save up some edcoims,
to redeem them
for off-course gifts

Receive rewards

For edcoins earned during
the passage, you can buy
courses, coloring books, etc.

Game format

While learning, kids earn rewards, unlock achievements,
earn in-game currency, and become EdCraft heroes themselves!

Keep track of the stats

Get statistics on your children's progress, daily activities and activity with easy-to-use visual reports in your personal account and by mail

Receive rewards

Children are motivated to receive prizes in the form of achieves and rewards for completed tasks

Earn certificates

After completing each level of the course you get an official certificate

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