Physics online courses
for kids age 7 to 13

We bring the best qualities of science to life — real experiments and exploration, but safe at home and adapted for kids fun and development

Physics online courses <br/>for kids age 7 to 13

We introduce your kids to physics from scratch

Interactive online courses with storytelling and craft mechanics will keep your kids engaged into the real science and experiments. Start from just 10 minutes a day.

Unit 1. «What does everything consist of?»

As part of the course, the child will learn about the specifics of the molecular structure of various substances, master the basic terms of physics. In this course we are helping kids to learn not always simple science of physics, but in a simple form.

Unit 2. «Move and act»

In this unit of the course, the child will get acquainted with the basic laws of mechanical movement and the interaction of physical bodies, learn what inertia is and how friction affects a person's life.

Unit 3. «Energy and heat»

In the third unit the child will learn how one type of energy is converted into another, how the law of conservation of energy works and why it is impossible to build an eternal engine.

Unit 4. «Fields and waves»

During the last unit of the course kids learn what do sound and light have in common, how and why electric current is generated. They do even build the simple optical devices!


Have you noticed that finding physics sources for kids is not a simple task?


textbooks are poorly adapted for kids, it's difficult or not interesting

time consuming

you can spend days searching for high quality resources on physics for kids


good books are expensive, individual tutor classes are times more costly

In EdCraft, children solve plot-based courses with steeply rising difficulty

Sophisticated program

Units are developed on the basis of the best sources, the expertise of methodologists and psychologists, divided into 10 lessons with gamified tasks

Interactive game structure

The child solves plot game problems to learn new topics and consolidate what he has learned in each course. No boredom! All the tasks are unique!

Knowledge tests and rewards

At the end of each course, the child takes a test or completes a game, receiving a diploma if successful. You will be confident in her kid’s knowledge!

Structure of each physics course unit

10 interactive game-lessons
30-40 minutes each

But you can split it as you want, start from even 5 minutes a day! Each lesson - one topic, for example, about the change in the state of bodies between liquid and gas.

50 interactive
story-driven tasks

Each lesson contains 5-7 tasks to consolidate the material covered. All tasks have a plot and gorgeous illustrations, or are presented in the form of a game.

Unlimited full access
to all materials

Your kids will be able to take the course as many times as they want or need. You buy the course once and you can return back even after 5 years.

Final test with diploma
as a reward

At the end of each stage, the child takes a test or completes a game, receiving a certificate if successful. That's gonna be great addition to your portfolio!

EdCraft game-courses free demo

Unit 1.
What does everything consist of?

Check out our story-driven interactive courses that your kids will face in physics courses.
Free of charge. No signup required!



Complete by yourself or together with your kid. It's fun, educational and takes only up to 10 minutes for the demo lesson.


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Paul Davis
1 US

We want our children to be more successful than we are

I’m about finance man and I was searching for money management tools for my elder son, he is 11 yo. I suppose that understanding the value of money and how hard is it to earn is extremely important. You have to be able to appreciate other people and their achievements…

Last week I saw edcrafts ad on Facebook, so I requested a demo of their financial game. We tried personal budget topic right from iphone with Samuel.

Well, it works, the training format is good. Signed up for updates, waiting for the whole course to be released.

Alessandra Marissa
1 US

Sex education looks up-to-date

Met Edcraft on Facebook. The message was a bit aggressive and candid, so I decided to look deeper.
I’ve never seen sex education courses for kids before.
My oldest daughter is 10 yo, and I has already been asking tricky questions a couple of times. I suppose it’s a high time to talk to her seriously about sex.

I’m going to offer her that course and see how she reacts.
Loved the learning program; also took financial literacy demo lesson.

Carrillo Mark
1 US

Let’s try Edcraft courses

Samantha liked logic course. She was completely ready to save Maries dog from snatchers hands and solved all the puzzles. Ethan helped her twice, though. Ethan himself later said that emotion course was meant for girls like his sister, and he was interested in “managing more pocket money” instead.

I am trying to teach kids from an early age, they do even have their bank accounts, but they don’t manage them yet. I take all the decisions, but they see the consequences on the balance.

Waiting for full courses in February.

Makenna Breanna
1 US

I've preordered financial literacy

I’ve preordered financial literacy. Hope they will launch full course in February as promised.
I’m fond of Kiyosaki ideas. It’s a pity I got to know him too late.
When I was a student I took a lot of loans and only many years later I realized that these decisions were ineffective.
I hope my son won’t step into my shoes and learn how to handle money properly.
Edcraft has cool interface, it works well on iPhone.


Our courses are developed by educational experts from leading world universities

Ganya Shabad

Ganya Shabad

Physics & Finance Expert

Ganya designs EdCraft Physics Courses and helps with content, design, and storyline development for other courses, as well. Ganya received a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University, USA. Ganya loves EdCraft for its holistic approach to child development and learning.

Anthony Kan

Anthony Kan

Expert in chemistry and biology

PhD in biology from Cambridge, MD in Physics from Oxford, UK. Research scientist in biochemistry at CERN and Harvard Medical School, USA. Leads EdCraft science courses development.

Tatiana Rostovtseva

Tatiana Rostovtseva

K-12 & Pedagogics Expert

Equipped with a Master's of Philosophy in Politics, Development, and Democratic Education, as well as a Learning and Organizational Change degree from Northwestern University, Tatiana brings over 15 years of K-12 expertise to EdCraft. Having worked in classrooms across four continents and on multiple exciting EdTech products, Tatiana is most excited in capturing the joy of deep thinking and learning.