Unit 3. Personality types

The unit is designed for children 6-13 years old.
The main task of this unit is to show the child the variety of human characters. We are all in some ways different, but in some ways similar. Why do some folks easily make new contacts, while others are feel stressed about it? How do different people make decisions? What can convince your mother to let you go to the movies in the evening, and what arguments is she most likely not to listen to? Do you like living according to plan or do you prefer to decide everything at the last minute?

In this unit of the course, we will not only talk about what characters are, but also try to figure out how to communicate with some of them.

Unit structure

  • The unit consists of 10 lessons + Introduction. Each lesson lasts 30-40 minutes and is devoted to a certain topic;
  • 40 exciting interactive tasks integrated into the story;
  • The course ends with a fun quiz to check the material digestion. In case of success your child receives a certificate, if not – tries again.
  • Unlimited full access to all of the course materials forever;
  • Approximately 5 hours of lessons in game format for kids 6-13 years old.

One unit costs $14.90, and the full course — $49.90

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