Unit 5. Entrepreneurship and corporate economics basics

The unit is designed for children 9-13 years old. As part of the unit, your child will understand how companies work, what their expenses and incomes consist of, how they set prices for their goods, how they provide profits and what rules the market abides by. Also, the child will try on the role of the director of the company in the game.

This unit is executed in an interactive game format, with engaging video and audio materials, useful tasks, and simple, easy-to-follow explanations and examples. It also includes a game in which your child will try on the role of a company director and learn to generate a profit through a careful market strategy.

The unit “Entrepreneurship and corporate economics basics” is the fifth level of our program and it’s suitable for children who already achieved financial proficiency based on the previous units and who want to understand how business functions in a fun format.

After completing this course your child will understand such sophisticated concepts like revenue and costs, business plan, and pricing. He or she will be able to confidently navigate uneasy waters of big business while making you proud.

Unit structure

  • The unit consists of 10 lessons + Introduction. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes and is devoted to a certain topic;
  • 40 exciting interactive tasks integrated into the story;
  • The course ends with a fun quiz to check the material digestion. In case of success your child receives a certificate, if not – tries again.
  • Unlimited full access to all of the course materials forever;
  • Approximately 5 hours of lessons in game format for kids 8-13 years old.

Unit lessons:

  • Business plan.
  • Financial model.
  • Preliminary preparation.
  • Start!
  • Revenue and costs.
  • Pricing.
  • Summer sales.
  • Experiments.
  • Strategy.
  • Crisis.

One unit costs $14.90, and the full course — $49.90

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