Unit 3. Financial management: family budget

As a part of this unit, your child will understand what family budget consist of, what income and expenses are in family format, how large purchases are planned etc.

While creating this course we transformed a complex family budget matter into a straightforward, concise learning tool, which is intended to help parents teach their children about the family finances from early childhood. This unit is executed in an interactive game format, with engaging video and audio materials, useful tasks, and simple, easy-to-follow explanations and examples. It also includes a financial game etc.

The unit “Financial management: family budget” is the third level of our program and it’s suitable for children who are well-versed in matters of personal finance, and who are ready to learn how to build more complex financial budget.

After completing this unit your child will understand, among other things, consequences of impulse buying and necessity of large purchase planning. He or she will be able to confidently plan a family budget for up to 12 months making the family proud in the process.

Unit structure

  • The unit consists of 9 lessons + Introduction. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes and is devoted to a certain topic;
  • 40 exciting interactive tasks integrated into the story;
  • The course ends with a fun quiz to check the material digestion. In case of success your child receives a certificate, if not – tries again.
  • Unlimited full access to all of the course materials forever;
  • Approximately 5 hours of lessons in game format for kids 6-13 years old.

Unit lessons:

  • Family expenses.
  • Family income.
  • Financial cushion.
  • How banks work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How to earn money?
  • Investments
  • Planning a family budget
  • When the loan is needed?

One unit costs $14.90, and the full course — $49.90

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