Unit 1. Nutrition Mountains

Our first route goes through the Nutrition Mountains. Together with an all-knowing professor, the kids will have to tame volcanoes that feed on sugar, return a cell-factory to working condition, and even learn how to put together a healthy diet for themselves and their loved ones.

Why do babies eat 10 times a day, while 3-4 is enough for adults? What is protein for? How many different types of bacteria live inside a person? After completing these lessons, your child is sure to pick up healthy eating habits, as well as learn how to make conscious, well-informed food choices.


What is diet?


Peak fats and peak carbs.

The cave and cell-factory.

The trail of balanced nutrition.

Is sugar even necessary?

Food’s path through the body.

Waterfalls and minerals.

Distinguishing good and bad food.

Summarising the adventure.



Anthony Kan

Anthony Kan

Expert in chemistry and biology

PhD in biology from Cambridge, MD in Physics from Oxford, UK. Research scientist in biochemistry at CERN and Harvard Medical School, USA. Leads EdCraft science courses development.

Dmitry Alexeev

Dmitry Alexeev

Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Candidate of Sciences in Biology, Head of the Bio-Informatics Laboratory of the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Medicine, Head of R&D at AtlasBiomed Group. Professor at the Dutch University of Aging ERIBA. Co-author of the children's book on nutrition, Tim's Journey through the World of Bacteria.

Anthony Elemoso

Anthony Elemoso

Medicine & Chemistry Expert

Medicine Doctor, neurosurgeon. Expert in chemistry and biology, curates EdCraft science courses development for kids. Over 15 years of medical, science and business experience including R&D and education. Experienced "biohacker".