Unit 3. Contest level math

Course is designed specifically for 8-13 years old kids and adapted for their cognitive development level and needs.

Does your child like math? Wants to know more and participates in math contests with joy? We invite you to take a course on advanced contest level mathematics from EdCraft!

In an interactive game format, the course will get kid acquainted with typical contest level tasks (from basic to hardcore). We do not guarantee that after passing Unit 3 you will win the top national math competition, but we know for sure that facing a complex problem requires a non-standard approach. So our alumni students will not give up and try several different approaches to solve it. And, of course, enjoy the process!

Unit structure

    • The unit consists of 10 lessons + Introduction. Each lesson lasts 30-40 minutes and is devoted to a certain topic;
    • 40 exciting interactive tasks integrated into the story;
    • The course ends with a fun quiz to check the material digestion. In case of success your child receives a certificate, if not – tries again.
    • Unlimited full access to all of the course materials forever;
    • Approximately 5 hours of lessons in game format for kids 6-13 years old.

Unit lessons:

    • The scrolling method.
    • Search method.
    • Common multiple method.
    • Cutting.
    • Tasks for transfusion.
    • Weighing tasks.
    • Problems solved from the end.
    • Challenges for speed.
    • Dirichlet’s principle.
    • Mathematical induction.

One unit costs $14.90, and the whole course — $49.90

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