Unit 2. Sexual Health

The course is developed for children 10 years old and up.

Boys and girls are two points of view on the world. But it’s not so simple. In this unit your kids will know about gender, sex and relationships. We will talk about the myths about virginity, masturbation and threats that sex conceals.

Unit structure

  • The unit consists of 9 lessons + Introduction. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes and is devoted to a certain topic;
  • 40 exciting interactive tasks integrated into the story;
  • The course ends with a fun quiz to check the material digestion. In case of success your child receives a certificate, if not – tries again.
  • Unlimited full access to all of the course materials forever;
  • Approximately 5 hours of lessons in game format for kids 10 years old and up.

Unit lessons:

  • Girls and boys are two different points of view, two ways of perceiving the world.
  • What does the word “sex” mean, and what does “gender” mean. Why is it important to be tolerant?
  • Girls and boys: from similarity at birth to difference in adolescence.
  • Sexual “non-relationship”: what you need to know about masturbation?
  • First step: myths and facts about virginity.
  • Relationships in sex and sex in relationships.
  • With thoughts about the future: sex and the continuation of the human race.
  • Freedom of sexual relations and its boundaries.
  • Risks and dangers associated with sexual life.

One unit costs $14.90, and the full course — $49.90

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