Fun math jokes and puns for students
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Fun math jokes and puns for students

Fun math jokes and puns for students

Little fun never kills anybody, even during classes or doing homework. Moreover, it helps kids to understand some of the topics better and memorize them without any difficulties. For example, math jokes develop analytical skills and creativity at the same time. There are geometry, counting, statistics, and algebraic jokes, etc. — you can choose anything that is suitable for your child. Such activities can lighten up kids’ mood and make them focused on solving problems or making calculations afterward. Now we are ready to present you 40 math jokes that will brighten up the learning process for your kid.


Q: What do mathematicians eat in fall?
A: Pumpkin Pi.


Q: What’s wrong with the math students’ book? Why is it sad?
A: Because of all the problems it has.


Q: Why do trees avoid mathematics?
A: It makes their roots square.


Q: Has a statistic scientist told you a joke?
A: Probably.


Q: Two 4’s declined to eat lunch. Why?
A: They have already eight.


Q: Why doesn’t the triangle want to make friends with the circle?
A: It’s just pointless.


Q: Which number can never go down?
A: Our age.


Q: Why cannot 5 and 12 become wife and husband?
A: They are under 18.


Q: Why did the right triangle want an icy drink?
A: Because it was 90 degrees.


Q: The more you take from it, the larger it gets — what is it?
A: A hole.


Q: Why is the love story of two parallel lines so tragic?
A: They can never meet.


Q: What is the easiest way to get warm in a cold house?
A: Stand in the corner — it is always 90 degrees!


Q: Why is the obtuse triangle angry?
A: It has never been right.


Q: What is the compliment that the 0 says to the 8?
A: Cool belt!


Q: Why is the equal sign so timid?
A: It knows that it is not greater than anyone else.


Q: I am good at counting, geometry, and statistics!
A: However, graphing is where I draw the line!


Q: It can be right, but it cannot be wrong — what is it?
A: An angle.


Q: Why is arithmetic such hard work?
A: Because of all the numbers you have to carry.


Q: If I have five tomatoes in one hand and six potatoes in another, what do I have?
A: Huge hands!


Q: Are monsters fond of maths?
A: Only if you Count Dracula!


Q: What seems odd to you?
A: Numbers which are not divided by 2.


Q: Why does a decimal always win arguments?
A: They always have a point.


Q: What shape is usually waiting for you in the shop?
A: A line.


Q: Why did the mathematician fail at cooking?
A: The instructions said: “Put the dish in the oven at 180°”.


Q: What do the moon and a dollar have in common?
A: They both have 4 quarters.


Q: Why does nobody love statistics?
A: It is just average.


Q: How can maths make you a great dancer?
A: It teaches you to use the algo-rhythm!


Q: How can we call 2 buddies who are fond of math?
A: Algebros.


Q: Why did Pi’s driver lose his driving license?
A: It didn’t know when to stop.


Q: What kind of math do swimmers prefer?
A: Dive-ision!


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