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28 september 2021

34 Hilarious Halloween Riddles for Kids

Funny and spooky Halloween riddles for kids and their parents will get you in the Halloween spirit and make your holiday more fun & a bit more tricky!
28 september 2021

40 extremely hard riddles for kids

Do you like to exercise your mind? Here you will find some really challenging logic riddles to solve together with your children. Some of them can confuse even an adult!
23 september 2021

Fun math jokes and puns for students

Funny math jokes, puns and riddles are a great way to involve young kids into mathematics, develop analytical skills and creativity, and explain difficult topics in a simple and enjoyable manner.
10 september 2021

Math word problems for kids

Fun math word problems with answers for students grades 1 to 8 to test and consolidate knowledge and practice math skills.
8 september 2021

Math brain teasers for kids

Fun and challenging math riddles and brain teasers to train your kid's logical thinking, mathematical skills and the ability to think outside the box.
Logic games
6 september 2021

Visual puzzles and brain teasers for kids

12 exciting visual brain teasers to develop your child's logic, critical thinking and visualization skills.
1 september 2021

60 funny brain teasers for kids

Brain teasers are a good way to develop your kid creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun playful manner. Try to solve this 60 logic riddles with your child — some of them may be challenging even for adults!
1 september 2021

Math quiz questions for kids

Easy & challenging, fun & tricky questions on various math topics for children 4-11 years old that will help to check and consolidate knowledge of the subject.
Emotional Intelligence
27 august 2021

Social-emotional learning games & activities for kids

Exciting games and activities which will help to improve the social and emotional skills of kids (from toddlers to middle schoolers).
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