Fun maze puzzles for kids
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Fun maze puzzles for kids

Fun maze puzzles for kids

Maze puzzles are educational pictures with tangled paths or lines. For each of them, you need to find the correct way from the entrance to the exit, trying not to get into dead ends. Such tasks stimulate kids to sort out possible options, teach them to see the picture as a whole, work with visual information and find the right solutions.

Here, we have some printable mazes for kids of different difficulty levels. You can play with them either on a computer screen or tablet or on a sheet of paper. To do this, first, download or print the pictures you like most.

Eazy maze puzzles for 4-5-year-old kids

Children of this age are very free to learn new things when they are done as another new game.

We advise you to remember a few simple rules to follow:

  • don’t play maze games instead of a cartoon or any other thing a child enjoys most of all;
  • don’t offer difficult puzzles for the first time;
  • be sure that the certain picture is good for a child, that he or she is not scared
  • in a situation where the simplest option was initially chosen, and the kid did not cope with it, offer another picture for passing that the child has not yet seen.
  • if your child has lost his or her interest after the first attempt, postpone it for several days, and then try again.
  • if you notice that the child doesn’t cope with the drawn maze and constantly gets into dead ends, it may be worthwhile to immediately practice on the volumetric views and then return to flat paper versions again.
  • try to find pictures with your son or daughter’s favorite cartoon characters, animals, cars, toys, etc. Give preference to colored maze puzzles.

At first, you need to be sure that the child can hold a pencil in his or her hand. If not, practice drawing lines on a regular sheet of paper or painting some pictures. Try to draw curved lines together or paint some areas. It’s okay if the child does something carelessly. If you practice regularly, he or she will learn to paint accurately.

Try to praise and support your child. You can come up with your own motivational rewards, for example, in the form of stickers in the “Success Diary”. Remember not to carry a negative image. Choose positive funny characters and after each passage or attempt, stick one piece on the diary page. This approach can be used in other educational games as well.

Play these fun animal maze puzzles with your little one!

Maze #1

The baby rhino has got lost and does not know how to get to the palm tree with delicious coconuts. There is only one correct path to follow. Take the rhino along the shortest route.

printable maze

Maze #2

The little koala is tired and wants to rest in the shade of two tall palm trees. Find the shortest path to the trees.

maze for kids

Maze #3

The baby elephant is tired from African heat and very thirsty but does not know how to reach the river quickly. Show him the shortest way to the water.

easy maze

Medium difficulty mazes for children 6-7 years old

For kids of this age, choose pictures of medium difficulty, in which:

  • the path has many twisted crossing paths;
  • the number of dead ends has been increased compared to the previous difficulty level;
  • there is no entry arrow, so the child should choose which path to take to reach the given goal.

After the kid has passed 5-10 mazes of medium difficulty, invite him or her to try to complete the task without using a pencil. To avoid confusion at first, you can use your finger or pointer.

At the next task level, a child needs to train to look for the way to the exit with their eyes, and after finding it, show the correct way to an adult. These exercises will prepare your child for challenging mazes.

Maze #1

Mama Hen cannot find the third hatched chicken. Help her quickly get to the baby in the shell on the shortest path and gather all her children together.

easy maze for kids

Maze #2

While Mama Dragon was hunting, a baby hatched from an egg. Show her the shortest path to the little dragon, passing by dead ends.

printable maze puzzle

Maze #3

The bear wants to eat honey, but the bees look carefully after him. Help him choose the right path to quickly get to the cherished delicacy and not get caught by bees on the way.

children maze

Hard mazes for kids 8-10 years old

Challenging maze puzzles help children to develop tenacity and patience. Look carefully at how your kid feels and behaves: if he or she gets nervous when something does not work out, and how quickly he or she gives up.

If you notice that the child is impatient, try to involve him or her more often in such activities. This will allow to develop calmness in his or her character when facing difficult situations and patience to overcome them.

Hard mazes include:

  • sets of loops;
  • peculiar intersections looking as passages superimposed on each other;
  • assignments to find relationships or “what goes with what” (for example, “who owns which car” or “where is whose dog”).

If the child cannot find the right path, tell him or her that you can try to make the path from the end of the maze. And then go through it from the start.

To develop the child’s skills, let each task be a little more difficult than the previous one.

Maze #1

Mama Dinosaur cannot find her hatched baby. The sun is already setting, and the night is coming soon. Help her find the shortest way, passing through all the dead ends until it gets dark and she finally gets lost.

maze puzzle

Maze #2

The little mouse is hungry and has already prepared a knife and a fork but doesn’t know how to get to the cheese. There are three roads. Help him to find the one that will lead to the food.

hard maze for kids

Maze #3

The dog cannot find his way to his master. There are three paths, two of which will lead you to a dead end. Show him the correct way by going in the right direction at the crossroads.

maze print out

Maze #4

Eight small snakes are entangled in a tree and cannot find their tails. Unravel them and tell each head number the correct tail letter.

printable kids maze

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