Funny math riddles for kids
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Funny math riddles for kids

Funny math riddles for kids

Even kids who get bored at maths lessons at school enjoy solving math riddles, either themselves or together with adults. That’s great fun and very useful, as maths tasks help people of all ages develop both math and problem-solving skills. Here, there are some math riddles for children of all ages, from simple ones to more complex tasks which are good for solving with the family!


1. A grandfather, two fathers, and two sons went to a baseball game together and bought three tickets. How could that be?


2. When Anna was 50 years old, her daughter Mary was half her age. If Anna is 60 years old today, how old is Mary?


3. There are 3 positive numbers. You can either add these numbers or multiply them together, getting the same result. Which are the numbers?


4. If a mother has seven sons, and each son has a sister, how many children does she have?


5. Jack has the same number of brothers and sisters. His sister has half as many sisters as brothers. How many children are in the family?


6. A quarter of the animals on a farm have four legs. The remaining three quarters of the animals have two legs. If there are 60 legs overall, how many animals are there on the farm?


7. Write down the next number in the pattern: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…


8. If one rooster laid 22 eggs during the month, another one laid 18 eggs during the month, and the farmer took half of all eggs, how many eggs did the farmer have?


9. How can you get 23 using only the number 2?


10. What will you get if you multiply all the numbers on the number pad of a telephone?


11. There are seven sisters, all born 2 years apart. If the youngest sister is 7, what would be the age of the eldest one?


12. How can it be if you get 2 adding 5 to 9?


13. One bag of one pound is full of cotton, and another bag of 1 pound is full of iron. Which bag is heavier?


14. There is an empty box, and it has a diameter of one foot. How many oranges can be put in this empty box?


15. How can the circle have two sides?


16. It starts with G and ends with H, and shows mathematical data. What is it?


17. Frank has a big family. He has 10 aunts, 10 uncles, and 30 cousins. Each cousin has one aunt who is not Frank’s aunt. How can that be?


18. Bill went to the museum. He met a man with 4 women holding 4 baskets. All the baskets contained 4 dogs, and each of the dogs had 4 puppies. How many creatures went to the museum?


19. What can we call a polygon with 3 sides and 3 vertices?


20. This shape has six sides and can be found in a beehive? What shape is it?


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21. Which 3D shape looks like your favorite ice cream?


22. It has no angles but is not a circle. It looks like an egg. What shape is it?


23. This shape has 4 equal angles and 4 equal sides. What is it?


24. It starts with an H and ends with an E; it is the longest side of a triangle. What is it?


25. This shape looks like a kite or a diamond. What is it?


26. This shape has two equal opposite parallel sides, but it is not always a rectangle. What is it?


27. It starts with an A and ends with an E and can be found in a square, rectangle, and triangle. What is it?


28. Mona has two books, one book is faced upside-down, and the other is placed so that the top of the book is facing Mona. What is the total sum of the first pages of both books?


29. The total sum of the age of a mother and daughter is 66. The mother’s age is the daughter’s age reversed. What are their ages if we know that the daughter is a teenager?


30. What will we get if we divide 100 by half?


31. Add the number itself, then multiply by 4. Then divide the number by 8, and you will get the same number once more. Which number is that?


32. What can be put between 7 and 8 to get the result of more than 7, but less than 8?


33. Tom was asked about his age. “In two years, my age will be twice my age five years ago”, he said. How old is he now?


34. Use four 9’s to get 100.


35. Sean and Gemma are waiting for their second kid. If the elder kid is a boy, then what is the chance to have another boy?


36. How can you get 1,000 by using eight 8’s and addition?


37. Four men can make four chairs in four hours. If so, how many chairs can be made in 8 hours by eight men?


38. Get 28 using five 2’s.


39. There are 6 black socks, 8 brown socks, 4 blue socks, and 2 red socks in my wardrobe. How many socks should be pulled out in order to get a matching pair for sure?


40. Seven men met each other. Each of them shakes hands only once with each of the other men. Count the total number of handshakes.


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