Halloween riddles for kids
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Halloween riddles for kids

Halloween riddles for kids

Funny and zany Halloween riddles are a good way to feel the spirit of the Holiday, both for kids and adults. Here you found kids-friendly and mommy-approved jokes that make giggles in your house. Besides, many riddles make kids scratch their heads. Why? Kids’ riddles are brain exercises but in disguise. By laughing and playing, children will train their comprehension skills and widen their vocabulary. Finally, this is the best way to spend time together joyfully!


1. What is a little ghost favorite dessert?


2. Who is chilled to the bones?


3. Why do witches prefer brooms to vacuum cleaners?


4. What kind of room do ghosts hate?


5. What school subject did the witch like most?


6. Why do vampires have no friends?


7. Why do ghosts never lie?


8. What subject can’t witches prepare their spell without?


9. Who is small, hairy, and has eight legs?


10. Who sleeps upside-down and flies at night?


11. Who does hate garlic?


12. Where is the “bedroom” of a vampire?


13. Who comes on full moon nights?


14. What does a spider spin?


15. Who is a bunch of bones?


16. Who is the witch’s favorite animal?


17. When you ask for candies on Halloween, what do you say?


18. Who is a pale, transparent spirit?


19. What type of music does mummy like the most?


20. Where do little ghosts spend time when their moms go working?


21. What do you call a skeleton who lies all day long?


22. Who is Dracula’s girlfriend?


23. What fruit does Dracula like the most?


24. What type of musical instrument do skeletons like playing?


25. What kind of jeans do ghosts wear?


26. What is the favorite food of ghost pandas?


27. I always keep a diet, have neither muscles nor fat. Who am I?


28. I have a superpower to walk through the walls. Who am I?


29. I am a man just like you, but once in a month, I change my look. Who am I?


30. I like black dresses and dislike flat hats. Who am I?


31. I am wrapped in white and have many golden treasures. Who am I?


32. Why is there so much noise in graveyards?


33. Who is a hobblin’ goblin?


34. Who slowly walks in search of pie?


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