Odd-one-out games for kids
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Odd-one-out games for kids

Odd-one-out games for kids

How to play an “Odd-one-out” game?

A child looks at a series of words or pictures. His or her aim is to analyze some objects or words and highlight one of them that differs from all the others or, in other words, is odd in some way.

What age is the game good for?

The game is good for children aged 4-5 and older. There is no upper age limit here as adults can also train logical thinking.

Why solve such tasks?

“Odd one out” games and quizzes develop attention, logic, and imagination. A child learns to think, analyze and make conclusions. Playing the game with finding odd words also fulfills one’s vocabulary and broadens his or her horizons.

“Odd one out” games with pictures

Let’s start with the “Odd-man-out” games in pictures. These kinds of games are good for the little ones as children aged 5 to 7 are more interested in interacting with the image than with the text.


Game #1

Look at the picture and guess what is odd here: a pear, a train, a doll, or a teddy bear?

odd one out game


Game #2

Let’s make the task a bit more complicated. Now we can see more objects in the picture: a loaf of bread, a carrot, a donut, a watermelon, a chocolate bar, a pyramid, a cake, an ice cream, and a melon. There is only one odd item, so let’s find which one!

odd one out game with pictures


Game #3

Take a good look at the picture. You see six geometric shapes — a square, a circle, a triangle, a pentagon, a diamond, and a rectangle. Guess which of them is odd? Explain why.

odd one out for kindergarten


Game #4

In the picture, you see the animals living on a farm — a dog, a sheep, a cow, a horse, a hen, a cat, and a pig. Think, which of them is odd here?

odd one out for kids

Did you enjoy that? Excellent. Now let’s move on to more difficult tasks.


“Odd one out” word game

A child learns several words which are in one row and chooses the odd ones. Here one can see a huge range of tasks, developing the flight of imagination and the ability to visualize an object. Thoughts aloud together with already “strengthened” logical thinking can help to come to a successful solution.

Look at the words below and guess which ones are odd. Try to make it not only with your logic but also your imagination!

Row 1:

dolphin, frog, shark, whale

Row 2:

summer, evening, winter, autumn

Row 3:

airplane, car, helicopter, bumblebee, sparrow

Row 4:

the Nile, the Mississippi, the Volga, the Amazon, the Ontario

Row 5:

a kilogram, a gram, a kilometer, a ton.

There can be numerous variations of “Odd-one-out” games. Still, you should not be limited only to several of them mentioned and described above. Edcraft has a lot of various tasks and exercises that help to develop basic thinking skills.

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