10 jobs of the future: what will our children do in 25?
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10 jobs of the future: what will our children do in 25?

10 jobs of the future: what will our children do in 25?

Last decade the job market drastically changed even more than in the previous 50 years! And this trend is expected to increase in the coming years, thanks to trends affecting employment in every industry — modernization and automatization. Some professions will fade in obsolesce, but there are also mushrooming jobs in various fields.

What jobs will have a high employment potential in the future? And what skills growing generations need to face professional challenges in their thirties? Let’s find out what jobs will be in-demand in the coming decades.

1. Custom implant organ designer and developer

The latest surveys of the Labor Department have shown that medical jobs would be in high demand. The conventional occupations will change under the influence of scientific breakthroughs. One of the fantastic examples is 3D printing. The profession of a custom implant organ designer and developer will widen the list of medical occupations.

Today bioengineers are capable of growing organs in labs and then using them in human transplants, but there are considerable problems. One of the vital compilations is the body’s rejection of transplant as a foreign invader. The new specialists will develop organs taking into account the genetic peculiarities of every patient.

Necessary skills: degree in medicine, biomedicine, engendering, profound education.

Takeaways: people will always say: if you want a secure job, go into healthcare. We could not agree more.

2. Life extension specialist

Let’s talk about a job, which seems pretty fantastic — life extension specialist. Aging is considered an engineering problem and is actively delved into by medical scientists. According to the most ambitious projections, scientists will resolve human aging by the end of the century. Freezing ourselves, replacing organs with 3D printed tissue, or manipulating DNA are the main ways of overcoming senescence. Life extension specialists will introduce people to the latest technologies of prolonging life. They will tell them about all pros and cons of these methods.

Necessary skills: multidisciplinary education based in medicine, technologies, and social work

Takeaways: life extension specialist will become a job with a long future if only a person stays alert to technological change.

3. Development and deployment of technology

Not surprisingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released job projections and predicted healthy employment growth in tech jobs. Tech jobs are in-demand, and this trend will only grow. But what sectors are the most potential? There are several professions with a long future, data scientist and cybersecurity specialist among them. Data scientists deal with data that the company produces, combine this with external information and ensure that the firm makes the right decision. Cybersecurity is also a fast-growing area, and it will continue to grow. Cybersecurity specialists monitor, detect risks, investigate the source of threats and respond to attacks.

Takeaways: the technological professions with a long future demand advanced technical background and profound education.

4. Quantum cryptologist

Accenture revealed several emerging technologies, which names the acronym DARQ combines:

  • distributed ledger technology,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • reality, virtual and augmented,
  • quantum computing.

Quantum computing is a unique technique that will substitute conventional methods and tools in cybersecurity and computing. However, there is a dark side. Quantum computing will bring new threats to data, and typical tools of cybersecurity specialists won’t reduce it. That’s why if the quantum era begins one day, quantum cryptologists will become one of the highest-paid and in-demand specialists.

Necessary skills: degree in computer science, expertise in such spheres as statistics, mathematics, information theory.

Takeaways: even though it is hard to foresee the scale of the quantum revolution, quantum computing is one of the most innovative and prospective spheres.

5. Smart home architect, builder, or designer

These professions cannot be substituted but will change under the influence of next-gen tech. To some extent, the coming breakthrough will completely reimagine the work of traditional home designers and architects.

jobs of the future for kids

Besides, the smart home concept continues to spread, and thanks to innovative technologies, there will be a new wave of smart home architects and builders.

6. Epidemiologist

The vital profession has always been in-demand, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked at this job in a new way. The pandemic has displayed how fragile health systems can be. The 2020 year has shown how important to support and develop a health care system. The World Health Organization calls countries to be conscious and prepare for new challenges in coming decades. That’s why one of the demanded professions is an epidemiologist.

Necessary skills: degree in medicine, multidisciplinary approach.

7. Director of emotional intelligence

Gary Vaynerchuck, the author of the book #AskGaryVee, said that we live in the dawn of the era, where emotional intelligence will be the most important trade. Emotional Intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) is a set of skills and level of consciousness that helps a person control his feelings and express his emotions in a safe way for himself and the people around him.

Emotional intelligence is especially essential for communities in a period of crisis and generally helps to make the atmosphere healthier in the workplace. The director of emotional intelligence teaches employees to express themselves openly, listen to each other in meetings, and stay calm in stressful situations.

Takeaways: the specialist needs to have a high level of emotional intelligence, embrace many fields of knowledge, and love communicating with people.

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8. Chief modernization officer

To go in one step with innovations is not an option but the only way to survive in the digital era. This is an evident truth today, but how many companies lost in this race! That’s the reason why companies need specialists that will effectively navigate the company in the dynamically changing world. This tendency will only grow in the periods of new tech breakthroughs.

Necessary skills: analytical skills, profound education in multidisciplinary fields, leadership

9. Autonomous car specialist

At first glance, autonomous vehicles will take away a job from thousands of people, but it’s not as simple as that. The booming sector will transform the specific nature of professional drivers’ work, making it more complicated. The Tech revolution will probably create many new occupations and upgrade the industry.

Necessary skills: specialization in electrical or computer engineering, expertise in autonomous vehicles.

Takeaways: even if the autonomous cars mostly drive themselves, they won’t take a job away from people.

10. Augmented reality life designer and virtual couture designer

AR and VR are other perspective spheres that will create some fantastic jobs in the future. According to projections, AR and VR industry will produce many workplaces. The upgrade will help people to find a job and keep the profit.

professions of the future for kids

AR life designer and virtual couture designer are professions for creative people and an example of how technological breakthrough will transform creative work into a new reality. The AR designer will play a key role in exploring a design of augmented reality life for people. Virtual couture designer will work in the sphere of digital fashion design and create innovative virtual couture.

Necessary skills: life coaching, specialization in human-computer interaction, computer science.

Takeaways: probably, this is one of the most prospective jobs of the future, which help puzzled parents to set up their kids to success. But the question is, would our kids like to choose these jobs?

The jobs which will have less effect of automation

5% of professions will be fully automatic according to McKinsey Global Institute’s report in several decades.

60% of spheres will have transformations due to automation of at least one-third of the constituent activities.

Indeed, the booming technologies will provoke substantial workplace transformations. However, there are fields, which will have less effect of automatization. Why? Machines are incapable of replacing human performance. Especially in applying expertise, managing people, working in social interactions. Besides, many jobs are technically hard to automate. So, gardeners, plumbers, or providers of child- and eldercare shall sleep safely. Moreover, many spheres will be less attractive and profitable for automation in terms of profit.

Takeaways: the necessity of upgrading skills is more likely than the decline of workplaces in the next decades.

What skills the next generation will need for success?

Automation doesn’t leave us a choice and shows the only way to stay successful — to be flexible. But how to set up growing generations to success? The latest surveys show that we need to focus on timeless skills that can help our kids to stay confident and demanded specialists:

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