Fun number puzzles for kids
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Fun number puzzles for kids

Fun number puzzles for kids

Number puzzles for kids are a fun and very effective way to develop analytical thinking skills and an ability to solve various problems. It is a merry game and a valuable learning tool at the same time. Mathematical puzzles can warm up a kid’s mind before more complicated tasks or, in contrast, be a relaxing reward for a completed problem of a hard level. Nonetheless, parents can (and should) play maths games with their children not only during school time but also in their spare time. It can be beneficial even when a kid is a pre-schooler. The earlier a child understands how interesting maths can be, the easier it will be for him/her to learn it at school. And now it’s time to get acquainted with different types of number puzzles.


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1. Number pattern puzzle

Labyrinth is a sheet full of numbers, some of which make a mathematical pattern — and this is a path out. The main point of this game is to find this pattern among all the numbers on the sheet. You can give the first tip as a question, for example, “what is the difference between 1 and 3?” and then let a child proceed by analogy, trying to find a number 5, 7, etc. To make this puzzle more amusing, you can help some animal find a way out — a squirrel, a bunny, or a bird, for instance.

number puzzles for children


2. Number crossword puzzle

The field of this game looks similar to the common crossword puzzle, but here we should fill in the blanks with numbers and not words. Make sure that your kid clearly understands the definition of words “horizontal” and “vertical”. Every line and column has to consist of the right equations. A good idea would be to go from one crossing to another, thoroughly checking your calculation, as one tiny mistake can ruin the whole solution.

nubmer crossword puzzle


3. Count the beads

This puzzle consists of two separate tasks. In the left picture, you can see different amounts of beads and some numbers written beneath. Let your child think what a task is here, and if there are some difficulties, hint at counting the beads at each little picture and compare the number he/she has got with the one written. After that, a child will easily count all the other beads and fix their number on the paper.

The task in the right picture is a bit different as the amount of beads is the same, unlike in the first picture. However, here we can see that beads are painted unequally. That is the point a kid should get and paint a required quantity by him/herself.

simple number puzzle


4. Number maze puzzle

There are different equations written on the ice. A child is to solve them all, and after that, pave the way for a mother bear to her baby starting from 1 to 10.

1-10 number puzzle


5. A missing number

This puzzle will help a kid to understand the concept of the number line. The point is to fill in the gaps regarding the given numbers, according to the requirements: it can be whether a number before or after the given one, or a number between two others. If there are any difficulties, you can draw a real number line before the game and explain the terms concerning the number location to the kid.

fun number puzzle for kids


6. Connect the numbers

There are some equations written on the fruits. Some of the answers will be the same — and they will form one basket. The point is to distribute all the fruits to the right baskets. This will help your kid realize that sometimes there is more than one way to get the same number. All the ways might not be represented in the game: for example, there are only three ways to get a number 18. So, why not mention that there are other ways, too, and wait till the child comes up with his/her own solution.

kids number puzzles


7. Number matching puzzle

The logic of this game is almost the same as the previous one. However, here a kid has to solve equations both on the clouds and on the umbrellas, and only after that link the objects with the same number as an answer. Do not forget that in this puzzle each umbrella is suitable only for one cloud.

matching numbers puzzle


8. The chain of calculations

In this game, we have to lead a butterfly to the flower, solving equations step by step. Some of the numbers are already written down; others we have to get while calculating. This task is probably a bit hard for the little kids as it requires knowledge of numbers up to 30 at least.

number puzzles for kids


9. “Сount the sum” puzzle

There are some vegetables in the picture. We can see a price next to each one and also plates with different ranges of these vegetables. Ask a kid to count how much every salad costs by adding one “price” to another, according to the content of the plate.

number game puzzle


10. Number puzzle with fractions

This puzzle is a bit harder than the previous ones. However, it is a very easy way to explain to the child the concept of fractions. There are circles divided into equal parts, some of which are painted. Firstly, you need to count how many parts are there, and after that — how many of them are painted. For example, there are four parts in the circle, three of which are painted, so the fraction is ¾. The best way is to start with painting the whole circle forming an integer number. If a child understands the difference between a fraction and an integer number, then a task is completed successfully.

number puzzle with fractions

Maths can be fun! Enjoy your time with a kid using our tips.

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