Visual puzzles and brain teasers for kids
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Visual puzzles and brain teasers for kids

Visual puzzles and brain teasers for kids

As we all know, formula learning + playing is a road to successful learning. Visual brain teasers are a great way to awaken a kid’s mind without any pressure. Such riddles are aimed at visualization skills. This includes the ability of visual-spatial judgment, three-dimensional thinking, and picturing concepts. Visual brain teasers develop critical thinking and, at the same time, usually appeal to kids (and sometimes to adults, too). Here are some visual brain teasers, which are simple and effective to help your children develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking.


1. Find a place for a tool

This visual brain teaser develops a child’s spatial thinking. The task is to help the worker repair broken tools and find correct places for all of them.

fun visual puzzle


2. Logic sudoku

This brain teaser requires mathematical skills. You have to solve sudoku so that there are different numbers (from 1 to 9) in each big triangle, each horizontal row, and each diagonal line.

math visual brain teaser


3. Make a cube

In this visual brain teaser, you need to decide which template can form a glass cube in the left corner. It also boosts a child’s spatial thinking skills.

visual brain teaser for children


4. Calculation with pictures

Here you are to solve a mathematical calculation, but with pictures instead of numbers. The task is to replace a question mark with a correct sign.

visual brain teaser


5. A missing part

This visual brain teaser trains children’s attention. To solve it, you need to find a part that fell off the honeycombs.

visual brain teaser with answer


6. Value of the card

In this mathematical puzzle, you have to analyze some of the calculations with playing cards and afterward define the value of each card.

visual riddle


7. Count the triangles

This geometrical brain teaser offers you to count how many triangles are there in the bigger triangle. It trains your concrete thinking and analytical skills.

visual brain teaser for middle school


8. Finish building the houses

In this 3D puzzle, your purpose is to help the worker finish building the houses. You do it by finding the missing part for each house.

visual logic brain teaser


9. Maths crossword

In this brain teaser, you have to find a mathematical pattern and complete a crossword. It effectively upgrades your analytical skills.

visual brain teasers


10. Double calculation

Here your task is to analyze an example and solve a mathematical puzzle by analogy. It is a great training of logical thinking skills.

visual puzzle


11. What comes next

This is another brain teaser where you have to find a pattern. However, this time, you are dealing with the position of the object, not numbers.

visual puzzle for kids


12. The next element

This brain teaser is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that here you also have to deal with colors which make this riddle a bit more complicated.

visual logic puzzle


All in all, visual brain teasers are an effective and joyful way to develop your kid’s spatial and logical thinking, boost his/her analytical skills and instill huge love to solve tricky problems. The learning process gets better when you add some beneficial entertainment into it. Combine different riddles according to your child’s age and to the aims you want to achieve, and be sure — the result will not take long.

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