15 fun kid’s logic riddles
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15 fun kid’s logic riddles

15 fun kid’s logic riddles

These are fifteen kid’s riddles for a start:


1. What begins with the letter ‘t’, is full of ‘t’ and finishes with ‘t’?


2. What wheel is not rotating when a car turns to the right?


3. How to turn a cat into a rat?


4. Bob and John are drawing. One of them is drawing the house, and the other one is drawing a tree. What is Bob drawing, if what John draws is not the house?


5. What animal wears a stone jacket?


6. What can you see with your eyes closed?


7. Mrs. Robinson has three cats: Molly, Charlie and Daisy. Usually, they sleep on three different pillows – yellow, pink and blue. Charlie likes to sleep on the pink pillow. Molly never chooses either a pink or blue pillow to have a nap. So, which pillow is for each cat?

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8. There is the one thing that every wise man, no matter what religion or ideology they adhere to, agrees is between heaven and earth. What’s that?


9. Robert’s father has three sons: William, James, and _____?


10. What is heavier, one pound of feathers or one pound of nails?


11. Why can’t a man living in Washington be buried in California?


12. Jack always tells the truth, and Michael always lies. Recently, Jack and Michael have bought one vehicle for two of them. Jack said that it was not yellow, and Michael said it had a motor. What do you think the boys have bought: a red scooter, yellow motorcycle or blue bicycle?


13. Three bears went into hibernation: the first one fell asleep on December 24, the second – on December 29 and the third one – on January 1. When will each of them wake up?


14. A man jumped out of the airplane without a parachute. He landed on the firm ground but survived and was not injured. Why?


15. There are three bottles of juice in the fridge: apple juice, orange juice, and grapefruit juice. What would you open in the first turn if you want to drink?


Why do we need logic riddles?

What’s the use of riddles? Why do they have such a long history and are still popular? The answer is plain to see: this is an easy, fun, and exciting way to develop kids’ thinking skills.

Searching for the solution to a logic riddle is a great workout for a kid’s brain that teaches to analyze and evaluate facts, process information correctly and think out-of-the-box. When found, the right answer shapes the feeling of wellness, success and self-confidence, while training and development in educational games keep children interested and excited about the process.

As a result of regular riddle workouts, children become more insightful, organized, and resourceful. Such kids are fast learners who can really enjoy the learning process and boast well-developed logical thinking.

Logic is the foundation of the rational thinking and progress of the child’s brainpower. Through searching for riddle solutions, they can learn to analyze the situation, discover relations between objects, distinguish between what is primary and what is secondary, generate action plans and apply their skills and knowledge if and when required. So it’s highly recommended to include logic riddles in the everyday development plan for children of all ages.

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