15 Tricky Logic Riddles That Will Explode Your Brains
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15 Tricky Logic Riddles That Will Explode Your Brains

15 Tricky Logic Riddles That Will Explode Your Brains

Logic riddles, no matter how complex they are, would let you think of things forgotten long ago, remember the plot of many childhood fairy-tales, and accept the fact that your child gets the answer faster than you. Wanna check it up? We have prepared a special set of tricky logic riddles for you.


15 complex logic riddles

Let’s try to solve some tricky riddles. Children and adults can look for an answer together.


Riddle #1:

Which stones cannot be found in a river?


Riddle #2:

There are two coins on the table, three cents as a whole. One of them is not a one-cent coin. Which coins are there?


Riddle #3:

logic puzzle about potatoe

Where have potatoes been found first?


Riddle #4:

What cannot fit even into the largest pot?


Riddle #5:

What can be standing and going, standing and hanging on, going and lying down at the same time?

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Riddle #6:

One can strike it up but not strike it down. What is it?


Riddle #7:

I am the water, and I float over the water. Who am I?


Riddle #8:

logic puzzle

Three tortoises are crawling. The first tortoise says: two tortoises are crawling after me. The second tortoise says: one tortoise crawls after me and another one in front of me. And the third tortoise says: two tortoises are crawling in front of me, and another one behind me. How can this be?


Riddle #9:

The farm had two horses, one rabbit, one puppy, one cat, a pig, and a piglet, a cow and a calf, a turkey, and a goose. The owner came there with the dog. How many feet are there on the farm?


Riddle #10:

You tell it not to come, but it still comes. You tell it not to go, but it still goes by. What is it?


Riddle #11:

You are on a plane. A horse is in front of you, and a car is behind you. Where are you?


Riddle #12:

logic puzzle about rain

Sometimes it rains with a strange water flow: it beats upwards with a hundred jets. What is it?


Riddle #13:

The more you take from it, the larger it becomes. What is it?


Riddle #14:

What belongs to you, though others use it more often than you do?


Riddle #15:

How many eggs can be eaten on an empty stomach?


Why do we need to solve logic riddles?

While solving logic riddles and searching for an answer, both hemispheres of the brain are active. The left hemisphere deals with logic and seeks to understand causal relationships. The right one deals with intuition, tries to construct the whole picture and builds creative thinking.

Most modern people hardly ever involve their left hemisphere in everyday work; let one search for the necessary facts using Google and go on with their everyday jobs. But, of course, your “logical muscle” can and should be trained, and here, logic riddles are needed as they help us keep the brain fit even on our laziest days.


Why kids need to develop logic?

Profound logical thinking will help your child cope easily with mathematical problems both at elementary and high school.

The ability to analyze the information will help him or her out at literature classes. The skill of thinking “outside the box” is always needed during creative classes and school activities. And, of course, he or she will always be able to prove his or her opinion when giving an answer to the teacher’s tricky questions or argue with his classmates, definitely gaining authority at school!


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