“What am I?” riddles for kids
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“What am I?” riddles for kids

“What am I?” riddles for kids

All parents want to spend quality time with their kids, but all of us are sometimes too tired to read a book, watch a cartoon or a movie, or cook dinner together. There are also a lot of situations such as traveling, waiting in a queue or walking long distances where children can easily get bored, and adults have to think of entertainment for them.

‘What am I’ riddles are excellent for that as the family doesn’t need to carry any toys, books, or board games for them. You just need some phrases to remember, and the children have to guess what the riddles are about. While thinking, your kids can develop logic and learn new things easily, improving their vocabulary and mathematical skills.

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Easy “What am I” riddles


Here, you can see some common simple riddles. Even small children can guess the things they see in their everyday life.


1. I have many keys, but I don’t open any doors. What am I?


2. I am big, hot, and yellow. I live in the sky and go to sleep at night. What am I?


3. I’m brown and green on top. I feed with sun and rain and give a home to birds and insects. What am I?


4. I’m red, and I live in your chest. You can see me as the symbol of love. What am I?


5. I’m round. You can catch me and play with me using your arms and legs. What am I?


6. I’m new to the world. I drink milk, cry a lot and make people smile. Who am I?


7. I’m beautiful. You can water me, smell me, or put me in a vase. What am I?


8. I get bigger if you blow at me, and I can break with a loud sound. What am I?


9. I am made of brick, and people live in me. What am I?


10. I can cut paper, hair or clothes. What am I?


11. I hang at your wall and show you cartoons. What am I?


12. I have holes, but I hold water. What am I?


13. The more you take from me, the larger I grow. What am I?


14. I have two hands, but I cannot hold anything in them. What am I?


15. I pour down, but I never climb up. What am I?


16. I have four legs but no tail. I live in a swamp and eat insects.


17. I get wet while drying. What am I?


18. I get smaller when you take a shower. What am I?


19. You break me before you eat me. What am I?


20. I have five fingers, but I’m not alive. What am I?


Some harder “What am I” riddles for kids and adults

what am i riddles for kids

1. I am round, you can see me on the dinner table, but you never eat me. What am I?


2. I always follow you, but you never catch me. What am I?


3. I never stay full for long. I have a dark side and reflect light. What am I?


4. I have a small head, a long neck, and a curved body. People play with me and make sounds. What am I?


5. People make me, spend me and save me. What am I?


6. I have keys without locks. I have space without planets. You can enter but can’t come in. What am I?


7. I know all of your thoughts. The more you use me, the stronger I get. What am I?


8. I have many layers and can make you cry. What am I?


9. I work at your home, but I never get hot. What am I?


10. You can walk on me or play me with cards. What am I?


11. I am not alive, but I can grow. I cannot breathe, but I need air. I don’t have a mouth, but water kills me. What am I?


12. I can make two people from one. What am I?


13. I am white when dirty and black when clean. What am I?


14. I am taken from a mine, shut up in wood, and used by almost everybody. What am I?


15. You always have me inside, but I can kill you if you go under me. What am I?


16. I can be made, told, or played. What am I?


17. I have no arms or legs, but I climb to the sky. What am I?


18. I behave like a cat, I look like a cat, but I am not a cat. What am I?


19. I am strong enough to break things, but I melt in warmth. What am I?


20. No matter how often you look at me, you change me every year. What am I?


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Hard “What am I” riddles


You can also guess “what am I” riddles where letters and word games and mathematical quizzes are used. Come on together with all the family!


1. My first letter is in chocolate, but not in ham. My second one is in cake and also in jam. My third at tea-time is easily found. And I am your furry friend who’s often around. Who am I?


2. I have five letters, and people make bread out of me. If you remove the first letter, I become a form of energy. What am I?


3. I am the beginning of the end and the end of every place, time, and space.


4. I have six letters. My first three letters refer to a vehicle; my last three letters refer to every household animal; my first four letters are fish. My whole is found on the floor. What am I?


5. Pronounced as one letter, written with three, can be blue, green, brown, or grey. What am I?


6. I have five letters. Take away the first two letters, and I become the opposite of myself. Who am I?


7. I am in time but not in space. I am also sometimes the only one. What am I?


8. I am in sorrow and sadness, but you will find me at the end of happiness as well. What am I?


9. I have two digits. I am a square of a number and also a cube of another number. What am I?


10. I am a drink and a letter? What am I?


11. I have four sides. You can know my area if you know the length of any one side of mine. What am I?


12. I start with T and end with T and have T in me. What am I?


13. I have seven letters with two sets of double letters in a row. I can fly, and I am popular among kids. What am I?


14. I am called with a word with three consecutive double letters. Who am I?


15. I consist of the head of a lamb, middle of a pig, bottom of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon. I am the wildlife king. Who am I?


16. I contain one letter, but I am spelled with eight. What am I?


17. I am in the middle of the ocean. What am I?


18. I am an odd number. If you take away one letter, I become even. What am I?


19. Without art inside me, I am just ‘eh’. What am I?


20. I am a letter. I can turn your story into a building. What am I?


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