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13 april 2021

Muliplication charts for kids

What is multiplication and how to use multiplication charts? Tips and tricks for kids on how to easily memorize the multiplication table.
Life skills
12 april 2021

How to learn shapes with children?

Learning geometric shapes with preschoolers: 20 engaging shape activities for children.
Emotional Intelligence
9 april 2021

Coping strategies for kids

Teaching kids coping skills. Useful tips for preschoolers and elementary students on how to cope with stress and anxiety.
9 april 2021

Fun facts about the Solar system for kids

What is Solar system and how was it formed? Is there life on other planets? What are comets, meteors and asteroids? These and other amazing facts about the Solar system for children.
Logic games
6 april 2021

Sudoku puzzles for kids

Free printable sudoku with pictures and numbers for kids: simple 3x3 and 4x4 puzzles and more challenging 6x6 and 9x9 games.
1 april 2021

Fun facts about atoms for kids

Learning about atoms for kids. What is an atom and what is its structure? Facts for kids about atoms, elements, ions and isotopes.
29 march 2021

Force and motion with real-life examples for kids

What are force and motion and what types of forces exist in the Universe? Physical science in simple words for children.
Life skills
26 march 2021

How to teach your child responsibility

Useful tips for parents on how to raise a responsible child. Age appropriate tasks which will help develop responsibility in your kid.
Emotional Intelligence
24 march 2021

What to do if you child is a perfectionist?

How do you know if your child is a perfectionist? Signs of healthy and unhealthy perfectionism. How can you help your perfectionist child?
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