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20 august 2021

Fun facts about magnets and magnetism for kids

What are magnets? How does magnetism work? Simple explanation of magnetism for kids (with experiments and activities at home). Amazing facts you didn't know!
Logic games
18 august 2021

10 fun maze puzzles for kids

Maze puzzles are educational pictures where you need to find the correct way from the entrance to the exit, trying not to get into dead ends. We challenge you to complete these 10 maze games of different difficulty levels!
13 august 2021

Fun number puzzles for kids

Fun number puzzles for preschool and elementary children which will make learning math simple and enjoyable.
Logic games
11 august 2021

9 dots puzzle: how to connect 9 dots with 4 lines?

"4 lines 9 dots" is a famous logical problem in which you need to connect the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pencil. Try to solve it by yourself and then check the solution!
9 august 2021

40 funny math riddles for kids

Kids math riddles and brain teasers are a great way to develope math & logic skills and have a lot of fun as well. Here you'll find 40 math riddles — easy and hard — for you and your children.
6 august 2021

Fun chemistry for kids: chemical reactions

Chemical reactions surround us everywhere. Let's see what they are, what types of reactions exist and what actually happens inside a chemical reaction.
5 august 2021

States of matter for kids

The topic of matter is one of the most attention-grabbing topics to explore for kids. This article will help you explain states of matter to your child in simple words and with real-life examples.
3 august 2021

"What am I?" riddles for kids

60 "Guess what I am" riddles for both kids and adults that will help you have fun with your child and boost his or her logical thinking, vocabulary and mathematical skills
Financial literacy
29 july 2021

Tips for teaching your child about using a credit card

Today kids are tending to become more and more independent at a young age. Thus, parents should start explaining to kids the basics of financial literacy as soon as a child interacts with money on his/her own for the first time.
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