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Sex education
29 april 2021

What is sex education and why is it important?

Sex education is an integral part of a child's development
Logic games
27 april 2021

5 zebra puzzles for kids

Zebra puzzles are a kind of logic games similar to the famous Albert Enstein's riddle. Try to solve these five riddles with your kids and test you logic!
21 april 2021

8 fun chemistry experiments for kids

Eight fun and easy chemical experiment that you can do at home to interest your child in science!
Emotional Intelligence
23 april 2021

Resilience in children: making your kids unbreakable

Resilience is a quality that allows us to cope with difficulties and stressful situations without losing confidence but staying calm and productive. How to build resilience in your child? You'll find it out in our article.
22 april 2021

Basic math symbols and their meaning for kids

What signs and symbols do we use in mathematics and what is their meaning? Simple explanation of the most common math symbols with examples for children.
22 april 2021

21 fun math puzzles for kids

Math puzzles are a great way to involve a kid in mathematics and help them look at the subject differently. Here you will find easy puzzles for young children and more challenging ones for students.
Emotional Intelligence
22 april 2021

Social skills for children

Six essential social skills every child should know to be successful in communicating with people. Books, games, and activities that help you develop social skills in your kid.
Logic games
14 april 2021

Albert Einstein's "Five houses" riddle

"Who owns the fish?" is a challenging logic puzzle created by famous physicist Albert Einstein. Try to solve it and test your brain!
Logic games
13 april 2021

Odd-one-out games for kids

Odd-man-out is a logic game for children where you need to choose the odd one in a group of words or pictures and explain why it is different.
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