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Emotional Intelligence
18 march 2021

How to build healthy self-esteem in a child

What is self-esteem and how does it affect a child's life? What are self-esteem levels and how to build self-esteem in your kid?
Life skills
17 march 2021

4 stages of a child's cognitive development

What is cognitive development in children? 5 key cognitive abilities to develop in a child. Stages and milestones of cognitive development.
15 march 2021

10 matchstick puzzles with answers

10 challenging matchstick puzzles (with answers and solutions) for kids and adults. Test your smart together!
Life skills
12 march 2021

5 main areas of child development

What are the five major areas of child development? And how to effectively and timely develop child's cognitive, social, emotional, language and motor skills?
11 march 2021

How does electricity work?

Electricity explained in simple words for children.
Emotional Intelligence
10 march 2021

Building communication skills in children

What are communication skills and why is it so important to foster them from early childhood? Useful tips and fun games to develop your child's communication skills.
Emotional Intelligence
9 march 2021

How to help your child with bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is now a fairly common problem in schools and other children's communities. How to protect your kid from bullying and what to do if he or she is bullying other children?
Sex education
4 march 2021

When and how to talk to your kid about sex

Talking to kids about sex may be embarrassing for many parents. However, sex education is an essential part of raising a child. How to have a sex talk with your child? You'll find it out in our age-by-age guide.
Emotional Intelligence
3 march 2021

How to teach a child about personal space

Simple tips on how to explain to a child what personal space buble is and teach him to respect the boundaries of his and someone else's personal space.
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