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Emotional Intelligence
2 march 2021

How to teach children empathy

Empathy helps a child adapt to society positively, assists in making social contacts and improves communication with others. But is empathy an innate quality, or can it be developed?
Emotional Intelligence
2 march 2021

How to develop leadership skills in a child

What makes a good leader and how to help your child develop leadership qualities? Game and activities which will help you to teach your kids leadership skills.
1 march 2021

Gravity definition and facts for kids

Kids-friendly explanation of gravity force. Teaching kids what gravity is, how it works and how gravitational pull affects our life.
25 february 2021

15 tricky logic riddles that will explode your brains

What about checking your logic? We've prepared 15 tricky riddles for you and your kids to test your brain!
Life skills
25 february 2021

Soft skills vs. hard skills: what is more important?

Let's figure out what is the difference between soft and technical skills, which of them are essential for success in life and career and how to develop them in children.
Emotional Intelligence
25 february 2021

How to teach a kid conflict resolution skills

Conflicts are an integral part of our and our children's life. How to teach a kid to correctly resolve conflicts? Here you'll find useful conflict resolution tips, activities and strategies for your child.
Financial literacy
22 february 2021

What is financial literacy?

What does it mean to be financially literate and why is it so important? We will tell you what financial literacy is, what components it consists of and how to become a financially literate person step by step.
24 february 2021

Explaining chemical elements to kids

Chemical elements surround us everywhere! But what are they? Teaching kids about chemical elements, their properties, varieties and how they interact with each other.
Emotional Intelligence
24 february 2021

How to teach kids critical thinking

Teaching children critical thinking. Questions, activities and exercises for development of critical thinking skills in preschoolers and elementary students.
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