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Emotional Intelligence
23 february 2021

Emotional intelligence development in children

What does emotional intelligence matter for children and how to raise an emotional healthy child? Signs of high and low EQ in kids.
Financial literacy
22 february 2021

Step-by-step financial literacy guide for kids

How to teach a kid to manage money effectively? Here you will find an age-by-age guide for parents on how to teach your child financial literacy.
19 february 2021

What is stem education?

If you have children between the ages of 5 and 16, you've probably heard about STEM. What does STEM education mean? Is it suitable for your child? Let's figure it out!
18 february 2021

Periodic table of chemical elements for kids

A kids-friendly guide to the periodic table of chemical elements and simple explanation of periodic law.
18 february 2021

What do scientists do?

Who are scientists? What do they do and where do they work? Different kinds of scientists for kids and. Qualities and skills needed to become a scientist.
17 february 2021

Earth for kids: 20 amazing facts about our planet

How big is our planet? How far is it from the Sun? Why do we have day and night and different seasons? These and many other interesting facts about the Earth for your children.
16 february 2021

3 Newton's laws with real-life examples for kids

Three Isaac Newton's laws of motion for kids — explained in simple words with everyday life examples.
Life skills
15 february 2021

10 jobs of the future: what will our children do in 25?

What professions will be pupular in 10-20 years and what skills will our kids need to build a successful career?
Financial literacy
15 february 2021

What is the stock market in simple terms and how it works

A simple explanation for you and your child about what the stock market is, how it works and what it is for.
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